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Linking Multiple Amazon Seller Accounts
Linking Multiple Amazon Seller Accounts

Instructions for integrating additional accounts.

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Autron's platform is designed to streamline the process of managing multiple Amazon Seller accounts by providing a dedicated interface for easy integration and oversight.

Amazon Settings

The Amazon Settings page on Autron serves as a central hub where sellers can connect their Amazon Seller Accounts with the Autron platform. This integration facilitates the management of various Amazon services, including Amazon Ads, and enables sellers to add new accounts or manage existing ones seamlessly.

Amazon Seller Accounts Section

Sellers can view their connected Amazon Seller accounts, including details such as the account name, region, selling partner status, and Amazon Ads connection. Actions such as editing or removing an account can be performed here. The 'Add New' button allows sellers to connect additional Amazon Seller Accounts to their Autron profile. This feature supports businesses operating in multiple regions or with different brand names under one Autron account.

Managed Amazon Seller Accounts

For agencies or individuals who manage accounts on behalf of others, Autron offers the 'Copy Invite Link' feature. This function creates an invitation link that agencies or account managers can send to the owners of the Amazon accounts. Upon receiving and accepting the invitation, the account owners can grant permission for their Amazon accounts to be managed via Autron. For more detailed instructions, please refer to our Agency Onboarding Guide.

๐Ÿ’ก Tips:

  1. You can add as many Seller accounts as you need, including those for different regions. Autron can manage each account individually, leveraging cross-border data where appropriate to enhance learning and advertising outcomes.

  2. Ensure that your Seller accounts display 'Connected' status for both Selling Partner and Amazon Ads to grant Autron access to the necessary data for successfully managing your advertising campaigns.

  3. For agencies and account managers, Autron offers a simple invitation link through which they can easily grant Autron access to manage other Seller accounts.

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